Care Instructions

Important: We made this tee to last long. Please follow our instructions carefully

  • Go with cold water wash
  • Use less detergents
  • Your tee color may fade away when you go for a machine wash
  • Hand washing gives longer life to your tee
  • Do not bleach
  • Wash and dry inside out
  • Dry under shade
  • Do not tumble dry. It may harm your tee color and fabric. Dry under sunlight
  • Iron with steam
  • Iron inside out

Preferred to use cold water wash by hand. It will help your tee stay long

Machine wash increases chance of removing your tee colour brilliance and damages fiber

Try to avoid strong detergents and soaping/foaming agents.

Dry inside out

We strongly recommend to dry under shade

Drying under sunlight may turn your tee faded away from its original colour

We recommend to use steam iron pressing

Always iron your tee on reverse ( inside out )

Try to avoid iron boxes without steam

Do not Tumble Dry

Do not Dry Clean

Both kills your tee’s performance and reduces its life

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